Motorcycle enthusiasts who ride around the globe and women who ride. Both are popular topics and BMW Motorrad combines the two for an incredible video, so much so it’s our pick for the day.

Trying to keep that cool biker demeanor while everything and everyone around you pulls the world from underneath your motorcycle boots. Most of us have been there and this commercial from Progressive Insurance captures it perfectly.

Clutch and Chrome’s video pick of the day will bring cheers and roars of laughter from any motorcyclist who has been cutoff in traffic. Call this video biker-justice or just karma, but we guarantee you’ll watch it several times.

Different motorcycles which all enjoy the same powerhouse may lead to some tough biker choices, but Yamaha have released a video walking riders through three such models.

The use of motorcycles in commercials has been well-discussed, with Clutch and Chrome featuring several articles and even a video on the topic. The latest, best use of our favorite two-wheeled past time came from Dewars with its commercial ‘Cross Country Road Trip’.

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 00:00

MotoGP Rider Casey Stoner Goes Off Road

Bikers can essentially rediscover riding when they cruise into a different part of the motorcycle world. This was recently seen in an extreme degree with MotoGP rider Casey Stoner.

The United States enjoys some of the most stunning sceneries to ride through. This is seen most recently in the ongoing mini-motorcycle series by Kawasaki as host Alex Chacón rides in Arizona.

How does a motorcycle company continue to build excitement for what should be a record-breaking event? If you’re Ducati and it’s around World Ducati Week, a motorcycle video?

At the time of this pick, our motorcycle world is on the verge of celebrating another International Female Ride Day, so we honor it with an amazing look at an incredible female rider.

A well-worn fact in any motorcycle publication, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. To celebrate this, Clutch and Chrome latest video pick looks at the importance of the right riding gear.

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