Royal Enfield - Ace Cafe to Madras Café

Our motorcycle video pick of the day brings together frequently mentioned names on Clutch and Chrome, Café racers, Royal Enfield and Ace Café in London.

Initially released in 2013 and titled ‘Ace Cafe to Madras Café’, the promotional video was released to highlight Royal Enfield’s Continental GT promotional. It brings together every great about riding, a group of friends taking on a road trip as big as the idea itself with adventures to follow along.

‘A band of rockers embark on an epic 11,000 kilometre burn-up. They set out from the birthplace of café racer culture - the Ace Cafe, London and finish at Madras Café, India, close to the Royal Enfield plant in Chennai where the Continental GT is built. Spanning continents and cultures, this café-to-café ride captures the spirit of pure motorcycling and the exhilaration of getting astride the lightest, fastest, most powerful Royal Enfield motorcycle in production.’

This was brought to our attention by Ajit Menon on our YouTube channel in a comment about our video ‘15 Motorcycle Commercials Worth Watching’, so thanks!

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