Ducati Wraps Up its 90 Years in Stylish Video

There will be many motorcycle memories riders will take away from 2016, but a momentous landmark seemed to always be in the new or on the lips of bikers throughout the year, Ducati’s 90th anniversary.

There are few motorcycle companies that can come close to the 100 year mark, but the little Italian manufacturer that not only could, but did, is one of them. Known as much for their shade of red as they are for the amazing machines built, Ducati has rode into its 90th birthday with style and eye to the future.

Famous for its performance motorcycles, the Italian name expanded its range off-road and off-track with enduro, scrambler and affordable models.

Beyond all of this, Ducati managed to hold onto its crown of social media marketing, seemingly hitting the right notes. Whether from five minute videos encapsulating the lifestyle it pictured with the various models, piecing together different events for World Ducati Week or even the globetrotting adventure visiting notable places in its 90 year history.

How could we not have a video summing all of this up as out video pick of the day?

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