Honda's Vision of Tomorrow's Motorcycle is Incredible

The fact that motorcycle ideas and products are being shown at CES speaks volumes to how technologically advanced bikes have become. A mind-blowing example of this comes from Honda, subtly named ‘Riding Assist motorcycle’.

Celebrating 50 years, CES 2017 continues to showcase the hottest tech trends. All the very cool-looking televisions, drones and even the cutting edge virtual reality products are first seen at CES. Those breakthrough ideas also include items for motorcycles.

Falling under the category of ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem concept’ Honda presented what is best described in everyday language as a self-balancing motorcycle which will also follow a person on command. Yes, this is truly stuff found in science fiction.

Self-balancing motorcycles aren’t necessarily new, as Clutch and Chrome reported before they’ve been around since 1914. But Honda doesn’t use the gyroscope method found in this older technology, even though it’s been continuously updated and used in other modern motorcycles, explaining it adds weight and alters the riding experience. Instead, the Japanese manufacturer looks to technology originally developed for the company’s UNI-CUB personal mobility device.

The Modern Motorcycle - Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem concept

The motorcycle seen at CES 2017 in Las Vegas reportedly brings together the advancements Honda has made in artificial intelligence, robotics and big data to envision ‘a future where vehicles will communicate with each other and infrastructure to mitigate traffic congestion and eliminate traffic fatalities, while increasing the productivity of road users and delivering new types of in-vehicle entertainment experiences’.

While those may seem like lofty goals, there’s more. Honda’s vison of tomorrow’s motorcycle? Creating ‘new value by autonomously providing services when not in use by their owners’.

Let the daydreaming begin!

This obviously is our motorcycle video of the day!

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