Where the Horizon Ends, the Adventure Begins

If readers need any more proof that the world of motorcycles is heading off road, we humbly point to Clutch and Chrome’s video pick, which features another adventure bike.

Two points should emphasize what motorcycle manufacturers apparently know. No one in the Clutch and Chrome offices has been bitten by the adventure motorcycle bug (yet) and our picks take into account classic as well as newly released videos. The last two picks have been of the newly released variety and they're both about adventure motorcycles.

Your honor, we rest our case!

The last video pick came from BMW Motorrad, who pretty much cut their biker teeth on off-road/endure motorcycles. Today’s pick is from Suzuki, who isn’t far behind their German competitor.

‘Where the horizon ends, the adventure begins. Whether it’s a long-distance quest or a short-distance journey, the all-new Suzuki V-Strom line-up is designed for the spirit of discovery,’ states the video description.

Promoting their 2018 V-Strom 1000 and 2017 V-Strom 650, Suzuki goes the classical route to stir the riding soul and while the motorcycles seem to spend most of their time on the well-ridden road, it’s a very cool video none-the-less.

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