Cool Motorcycle Video - From Morocco To The Gambia

The latest motorcycle video shows riders going to what must feel like the ends of the earth, certainly from the saddle, all to lend a biker-hand to those in need.

There are endless accounts of how big-hearted bikers make a difference in this crazy world of ours. Some twenty years ago, back when the image of bikers was less than stellar and long before the age of social media, some enthusiasts had special cards printed that said ‘You’ve just been helped by a biker. Remember this moment’.

With riding becoming a past time enjoyed by a larger cross-section of society, toy-runs being a favorite Christmas story for news shows and of course the growth of the internet, the non-riding public now know just how big-hearted bikers can be. A unique example of this is seen in the latest motorcycle video from BMW Motorrad; MotorCircus Presents Mission South - The Documentary is described as ‘A Road Movie Documentary From Morocco To The Gambia.’

Highlighting a group of bikers who ride to the Gambia and help repair motorcycles used by local charity organizations, it’s well worth a watch. The video is in German, so those who Spanish in High Scholl may want to switch on YouTube’s closed captioning.

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