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Is This the Best Motorcycle Commercial of the Year?

Electric bike manufacturer Zero Motorcycles doesn’t appear to have the advertising budget of say Harley, Indian or Ducati. Their latest video however, shows they make up for it with cleverness.

Following the trend of not necessarily promoting the motorcycle itself, rather the freewheeling, open-road spirit and the adventures that could ensue is a popular direction taken by manufacturers. It’s not necessarily about the bike, but the lifestyle.

Zero cleverly blends this with the rehearsal of a conversation many new motorcyclists usually have, explaining to a loved one they just bought a bike. It’s hard to describe just how well Zero does this without ruining the experience of watching it for the first time. Between well-written dialogue and shots of the rehearsal, all intercut with an adventurous road trip makes this in our ever-changing top five of awesome motorcycle videos.

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