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Video - Its Called an Infotainment System For a Reason

A highlight of the new touring motorcycle from Yamaha is its cutting edge infotainment system. It’s so good in fact, Yamaha have released a video highlighting just this feature.

Last week, Clutch and Chrome took a closer look at this new touring motorcycle that weighed in with some muscle. From the design to its 113 cubic inch (1854cc) V-twin fuel-injected engine as well as a host of technologies, Yamaha is making a serious play at being one of the major choices in the touring segment.

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer felt the infotainment aspect of its new model was important enough to look to technology expert Harman for the development of something new.

“Working with Yamaha to create an unmatched riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts that also keeps consumers safe with leading navigation technologies has allowed us to provide an ideal infotainment system for trans-continental exploration,” said Phil Eyler, executive vice president and president, Connected Car, HARMAN.

The result was something that apparently deserved its own video!

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