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Yamaha's Bagger - The Star Eluder

While it could be said bagger motorcycles are well and truly back, many riders will be quick to note, they never left. Either way, Yamaha celebrates the style with its latest model.

The bagger motorcycle style dates back to the earliest years of everyone’s favorite past time, with the term actually being used as insult to a bike rather than an admired look.

The latest addition to Yamaha’s line-up adds a bagger model to the company’s transcontinental touring line-up, and more importantly continues the unique style introduced with its recently released Star Venture touring motorcycle model.

As with its touring model, the Star Eluder is powered by an air-cooled 113 cubic inch (1854cc) V-twin fuel-injected engine, and features ‘Drive Mode’ settings that adjust throttle response, traction control, a heated seat for the rider and passenger, a fully-featured infotainment system and more.

This new model makes it into our latest motorcycle video pick.

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