David Beckham, the Latest Fashion and a Motorcycle Short Film

A fashion line, world famous footballer and stable of well-known actors have come together in a project which enjoys its gritty edge partly from being centered around the image-invoking motorcycle.

How could this not catch our eyes to be included in a video pick? Released on September 22nd as a marketing campaign the film short is courtesy of director by Geremy Jasper and starring none other than David Beckham.

Completed to promote the British brand Belstaff, a company best known for their rocker-ready leather jackets the movie is aptly titled ‘Outlaws’. In the film, whose producers include actress Liv Tyler, the retired footballer plays the role of a motorcycle stuntman who is haunted by memories of a beautiful trapeze artist and "hunted by a maniacal director seeking revenge."

Known around the world for his success playing soccer, or football, Beckham is equally recognized for his modelling career as well as his passion for riding.

Take everything you've seen in any quirky movie, add in the required blend of color and black and white film mixes and throw in a story that rides the edge of nonsensical and you have 'Outlaws'. Needless to say, we watched the thing intently at least twice.

While Beckham's acting credentials won't be furthered in this film, no-one can sell his motorcycle passions short. His personal collection reportedly includes a Ducati Desmosedici RR, Confederate F131 Hellcat Combat and a custom built 1940’s style motorcycle featuring a S&S Knucklehead 93" motor, with a five-speed transmission and an electric starter. Beckham has been seen on his fair share of Triumph motorcycles however, apparently preferring the classic lines such as the Bonneville.

Conveniently, it appears Triumph is the ride of choice for the upcoming short film. But the real relationship for this short film is with fashion.

"I've had a long relationship with Belstaff, and a very successful one and one I've really enjoyed," Beckham says in a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Outlaws. "Belstaff came to me with an idea of doing a short film...It was an easy decision to make that we were going to do this."

Outlaws was filmed on location in the dusty plains of Mexico and also stars Hollywood heavyweights Harvey Keitel, Cathy Moriarty and rising star Katherine Waterston. Set in a circus, the movie plays between classic and modern motorcycles with all the bikes apparently from Triumph.It appears to be a film, within a film bouncing back and forth from Black and White to color with just a quirky feel.

Well, we did say it stars Harvey Keitel, so the last statement is sort of obvious.

Here are some behind the scene's specials to add insight to the making of the short film.


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