My Mom Rear-Ended Me On My Harley-Davidson

There is nothing good about a motorcycle accident, but an air of humor creeps in when a rider is rear-ended by his own mother.

Of course this story is only funny because the rider walked away from the traffic mishap, leaving his motorcycle as broken as the relationship with his mother.

Motorcycle enthusiast Jake Schoeppach posted the Youtube video taken last Thursday of him being rear-ended by his mother while riding his motorcycle. Apparently unedited, the video starts with family gossip and the mother warning Schoeppach to ‘watch out for idiots’.

He jumps on his Harley-Davidson and the GoPro camera records a ride through non-descript American roads with the biker occasionally commenting on other drivers.

The reason for the 4.38 minute video comes when the rider slows at a yield sign to merge onto another road. As we’ve already highlighted why this video is our pick of the day, it’s not much of a spoiler alert to state Schoeppach is rear-ended, but watching as the camera turns to the offending vehicle to see it’s the biker’s mother is classic Youtube, with the following interaction worth the price of admission.

The video’s description reads, ‘the accident happaned in kent WA and my mom was doing about 30 to 35mph when she hit me! this just happaned hours ago it is 9/15/16’.

We feel bad for Jake Schoeppach, but if a biker is going to get rear-ended, it’s best done by their mother.

No word if the family Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are cancelled this year.

VIDEO WARNING: Explicit language used

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