Energica’s Electric US Roadtrip - The Podcast

Clutch and Chrome talks with Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica Motor Company to not only discuss their latest bikes, but the company’s rich and interesting heritage.

Ever wonder what motorcycle manufacturers go through to bring their latest idea to the showroom floor? What road did they take to find themselves where they are today? How does a manufacturer tackle the aspiration electric motorcycles promise to be?

All these are answered in this edition of ‘Another Motorcycle Podcast’.

In this time of electric motorcycles offering themselves as a credible option, having physical dealerships brings much-needed confidence to riders possibly interested in this cutting-edge option. Pulling out all the stops, Energica Motor Company celebrated the opening of its worldwide flagship location on July 6th with ribbon cutting in the presence of the Ambassador of Italy H.E. Armando Varricchio.

Called Galleria Energica, it’s located in the heart of San Francisco, very close to the Mission District and displays a variety of Energica models.  Visitors will be able to feel and experience the exceptional uniqueness of the new Energica electric motorcycles. Interested buyers will even be able to arrange demo rides with the new location.

We speak with Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A. in Italy and Stewart Davis, CEO of Energica’s American division on the day they were opening Galleria Energica.

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