The next time a non-riding friend asks how passionate bikers can be about their motorcycle and saddle time, regale them with the following tale. Similarly, before any biker tries to say their motorcycle is better than another brand, they should take into account the true story below.

Riding is an international pastime with the passions surrounding motorcycles reaching across all languages.

The thought of riding a motorcycle across some exotic foreign land has crossed every bikers mind.

A fashion line, world famous footballer and stable of well-known actors have come together in a project which enjoys its gritty edge partly from being centered around the image-invoking motorcycle.

This is a two-for! Two video pics for the price of one. Need to add street cred to an already cool dude, throw in a motorcycle. Anyone who has seen a movie in the last fifty years knows that has been the entertainment industries go to solution and they certainly didn’t overlook it with the latest edition of Jurassic Park.

We've all watched them and most likely disagreed with their choices. We are writing about the videos that review or highlight ten of the best things about something, whether it be movies, video games or music videos. WatchMojo is one of the leading Youtube channels to host such 'top ten' videos going as far as to declare the top ten female wrestlers!

Ever since Disney released the original Tron movie in 1982, bikers and non-bikers alike daydreamed about riding a light cycle to video victory.

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